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First, let me apologize for preaching to the choir. Everyone I know on Tumblr has been super cool and one of the reasons I love Tumblr is there is a lot of built-in equity.

Selektor Magazine just posted the first 100 photographers that they have featured. It really bummed me out to see only 8 or so women on there. Everyone can have their personal taste and I don’t mean any neg to Loic or the magazine, but there is still systematic sexism at work in the photo world. Men still get more gallery shows/features because they get more press for it and then they get more press because they get more gallery shows/features, etc etc. I’ve been slowly making wikipedia pages for notable woman photographers and it has been really eye-opening on what wikipedia considers credible resources and how few are available online for undeniably notable women. 

I’ve seen great strides in equity for women and people with diverse backgrounds in publications like VICE and most places on Tumblr. With power shifting out from the typical places there has been so much cool stuff happening- tons of amazing self published books, pop-up galleries, collectives, and more. I love Tumblr because people can use it to express themselves in whatever manner they choose and it is easy to find true friends and inspiration here.

I quickly made a list of awesome women photographers on tumblr if you are looking for some fine people to follow. (And sorry if I missed someone I love in my haste to make a list.) And feel free to message me with people you think I’d love!

Michelle K Anderson

Courtney Asztalos

Vivien Ayroles

Sophie Barbasch

Kendrick Brinson

Hannah Burton

Jessica Dean Camp

Marisha Camp

Sam Cannon

Lindsay D’Addato

Rebecca Drolen

Jessica Eaton

Jen Ervin

Lynley Faith

Sarah Amy Fishlock

Vivian Fu

Lydia Garnett

Marisa Gertz

Lisa Gidley

Michelle Groskopf

Alexis Gross

Marcie Hancock

Becky Harlan

Molly Hayes

Cynthia Henebry


Jenny Hueston

Elizabeth Huey

Janna Ireland

Marta Iwanek

Julie Renee Jones

Megan King

Cait Kovac

Stacy Kranitz

Allyson Lamb

Lodoe Laura

Kate Levy

Morgan Rachel Levy

Amy Lombard

Yael Malka

Colleen Mann

Maidje Marilyn

Alex Matzke

Brittany Marcoux

Molly Matalon

Noelle McCleaf

Ruth McMilan

Lindsay Metivier

Elaine Catherine Miller

Sarah Katherine Moore

Andrea Morales

Eva O’Leary

Cait Oppermann

Elle Perez

Helena Price

Missy Prince

Laurel Ptak

Lyndsey Putt

Lola Quivororon

Tamara Reynolds

Clementine Schneidermann

Robin Schwartz

Maggie Shannon

Ginevra Shay

Erin Shipley

Annie Sollinger

Melissa Stallard

Jamie Steele

Samantha Sutcliffe

Shannon Taggart

Yvonne Todd

Lauren Wansker

LIndley Warren

Elizabeth Weinberg

Sara J Winston

Tara Wray

Jaclyn Wright

Jessica Xie

And check out Accent Magazine  and Las Brujas de Plata

the problem here is making a list to begin with.

just wanted to add some ladies

Caroline Tompkins

Kelly Surdo

Eleanor Bleier

Morgan Maher

Amy Harrity

Heather Sten

Stephanie Gonot

Lavalette at instagram

Just discovered Andy Sewells work.
The first two photographs are from "Something like a nest" body of work. The last two are from his first book, "The Heath".

I really like Pedro Guimarães work.

I really like Pedro Guimarães work.

Douro, 2013

Douro, 2013


Complete honesty.

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Monkey Forest Temple, Bali, Indonesia. April 2014


Monkey Forest Temple, Bali, Indonesia. April 2014

"It was 1997 and the new millennium was imminent, one could feel the tense anticipation about what was to come next.
I was alone in Japan, a place I had never been before. During the day I would go out looking for my own sense of the place, photographing, exploring notions of center, a place of convergence, as the world expanded before me in its uncertain course. 
Many years have passed and I felt a need to go back to these images.
The millennium is long gone but the vertigo of uncertainty is yet to disappear.” 

António Júlio Duarte

The new book of António Júlio Duarte is out! Edition by Pierre Von Kleist.

From the series Scrublands, Antoine Bruy.

From the series Scrublands, Antoine Bruy.

Metro - Casa da Música

Metro - Casa da Música